• Guarding Services

    PA security force has installed a seperate wireless tower with its own frequency for efficient tracking and monitoring. Each field officer of the agency is provided with walkie-talkies in order to attend the complaints and to receive the instructions of the client on time. We provide walkie-talkies to guards at various points if necessary who will be under the control and contact of the security officers on duty. Security officer is under the control of the field officers, cheif security officer and directors in order to render good service.

    We supply following types of various guards as below:

    1) Security Guards
    2) Lady Guards
    3) Elite Guards
    4) Armed Guards
    5) Assistant Security Officer
    6) Security Officer
    7) Chief Security Officer

    Our personnel are given two sets of uniform and they are covered under provident fund, employee state insurance and other statutory obligations. They are given salary increments, paid leave, weekly off and are covered under insurance scheme.